Root Canals

Advanced Root Canal Treatments with a Focus on Comfort in Claremont, CA

Root Canal Treatment - Claremont, California | Dr. David Seccombe, DDS - root-canal

Do you suffer from sharp pain in any of your teeth when biting, chewing, or placing pressure on your jaw?

When your tooth suffers deep decay or damage, the pulp at the root of your tooth can become inflamed or infected. Anyone who has suffered from tooth pain requiring a root canal will tell you that it can be startling and severe at times. Left untreated, this discomfort will become increasingly unbearable.

Dr. David Seccombe has been providing root canal treatments to relieve patients of this uncomfortable problem with an exceptional success rate. With a focus on quick and comfortable treatments, our experienced team utilizes the latest technology and techniques to make your experience as pleasant as possible.  Where appropriate, we will arrange for the utilization of an Endodontist for your care.

Do Root Canals Hurt?

Who hasn’t heard a cautionary warning about root canal pain? It is not uncommon for the average person to require a root canal procedure at some point during their lifetime. Once it is determined that a root canal is necessary, many of our patients are concerned with the level of pain they will experience during the procedure. 

Dr. David Seccombe, DDS utilizes painless shots to administer local anesthesia that effectively numbs the treatment site. Throughout the procedure, David will periodically check in with you to ensure that the anesthesia is still effective and that you are comfortable. At any sign of discomfort, more anesthesia can be carefully administered and methods adjusted. With our incredible patient satisfaction record, you can feel confident that we go above and beyond to keep our patients happy!

To request an appointment where you can discuss your dental bridge and crown options with Dr. David Seccombe, DDS, please call our office today at (909) 626-5662. We look forward to helping you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile!