Realistic and Comfortable Dentures for a Brand New Smile in Claremont, CA

Permanent & Partial Dentures - Claremont, CA | Dr. David Seccombe, DDS - dentures

Dr. David Seccombe understands that missing teeth can seriously affect your quality of life. That’s why we have put extensive research into determining the best denture options for our patients with a focus on comfort, appearance, and affordability.

As part of our commitment to offering the leading restorative dentistry services in the Claremont area, we offer dentures for patients who are missing a large number of teeth, have severely damaged teeth, or have extreme difficulty chewing and biting.

Will My Dentures Look Natural?

Often, patients considering dentures are concerned that their full or partial denture will be noticeably fake. Rest assured, our advanced dental technology is capable of created detailed dentures that will fool even the most eagle-eyed observer!

Dr. David Seccombe will take an impression of your mouth that will be used to create an advanced 3D model of your mouth. After taking this model, he can create a highly-detailed and realistic set of teeth that will guarantee the most comfortable fit. From there, adjustments can be made until you are completely satisfied with your new smile.

Will My Dentures Work Like Natural Teeth?

While Full dentures have their limitations on chewing power as compared to natural, healthy teeth, their function can be significantly enhanced by utilizing a small number of implants to hold the dentures much more securely.  Dr. Seccombe can discuss your options.

To schedule an appointment where you can discuss you’re the options for restoring your smile using partial or full dentures with Dr. David Seccombe, DDS, please call our office today at (909) 626-5662. We look forward to helping you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile!