Dental Extractions

Our Professional Claremont, CA Dental Team Can Perform Safe Tooth Extraction Services to Relieve Your Toothache

Dental Extractions - Claremont CA | Dr. David Seccombe, DDS - extractions

Are you experiencing constant tooth pain due to damage, advanced decay, or crowding?

In many cases, a dental extraction can be avoided with crowns, bridges, and other restorative dentistry techniques. Although, in some cases, Dr. Seccombe will recommend tooth removal as the best approach to treatment. Often, this is due to advanced decay, severe cracks, or impacted teeth.

When choosing a dentist for tooth removal, it’s important to feel confident and comfortable that your oral health is in good hands. Dr. David Seccombe utilizes the most advanced dental technology and treatment methods available to ensure your tooth extraction is as safe, comfortable, and free of any complications. If Dr. Seccombe deems your case would be best treated at an Oral Surgeon, we will assist you in making the appropriate arrangements.  As one of Claremont’s highest-rated dentists for patient satisfaction, you can rest assured that your experience and results will be of the utmost quality.

What Should I Expect During a Dental Extraction?

At the offices of Dr. David Seccombe, DDS, we offer local anesthesia to ensure a painless and stress-free experience. Our advanced equipment and techniques allow for a quick procedure without discomfort during and after treatment. Before the procedure, Dr. Seccombe will discuss in detail what to expect during the treatment, as well as how to properly care for the tooth extraction site after treatment is complete.

Tooth Removal is the Most Effective Treatment for Impacted Teeth

Impacted teeth, commonly referred to as ‘wisdom teeth,’ are a set of third molars that can cause mild to severe pain later in life. When an impacted tooth erupts, or begins to emerge from the gum line, it can crowd the other molars in the back of the jaw and put your other teeth at risk. On average, wisdom teeth begin to erupt around age 16, but eruption can occur at any point in life. If impacted teeth do not have room to erupt spontaneously, it may be necessary to perform a pre-emptive tooth extraction to prevent complications.  Dr. Seccombe will refer you to an Oral Surgeon for extraction with conscious sedation as an option.

To request an appointment where you can discuss your options with Dr. David Seccombe, DDS, please call our office today at (909) 626-5662. We look forward to helping you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile!